Mislatel is aiming to launch 1,000 tower units across the country over the next 12 months


The Philippines’ newly launched telco, Mislatel, has pledged to match the coverage provided by its rivals Globe and Smart within three years.

The new company, formed as a joint venture between China Telecom and Filipino business tycoon Dennis Uy, was launched earlier this month with the aim of injecting some competition into the country’s telecoms sector and fast-tracking its route to 5G.

"We are not burdened by obsolete technology. We will be bringing in new technology, the latest, most innovative technology. In fact, we are looking to bring in 5G," a Mislatel spokesperson told journalists in Manilla.

Mislatel also promised to install 1,000 towers across the Philippines over the next 12 months – an ambitious target for any operator, with cell tower construction . The company has also pledged to provide superfast broadband speeds of at least 27Mbps to 37.03 per cent of the population. Ultimately, Mislatel has said that it will provide speeds of 55Mbps to 84.01 per cent of the Filipino population.  

Should Mislatel fail to deliver on any of its service level commitments, it could forfeit a $266 million (14 billion Filipino Pesos) performance bond, which it was obliged to pay to the government upon its formation.

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