Press Release

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK – November, 28th, 2018 Hay Systems Ltd (“HSL Mobile”), a leading provider of SMS mobile messaging services, have today announced that an agreement has been reached with LINK Mobility Group AS (“LINK”) for the acquisition of the company.

Having been established in 1999, HSL Mobile have built a strong reputation within the industry providing highly reliable mobile messaging services to organisations throughout the UK and to the rest of the world. HSL Mobile prides itself on the reliability and support offered to customers through their existing services and solutions and this acquisition will allow the company to go from strength to strength, taking advantage of the experience and knowledge that LINK have.

The acquisition by LINK will allow HSL Mobile to grow their position within the UK and allow customers to benefit from new solutions and services. Day-to-day business will continue as usual and customers can expect to receive the same high levels of technical and customer support that they have become used to. HSL Mobile is looking forward to working with customers to allow them to benefit from added value and the strengthened portfolio of service that the acquisition by LINK will offer.

Both HSL Mobile and LINK place a strong emphasis on providing technically rich mobile services, which customers can depend on. Lynne Prowse, Managing Director of HSL Mobile said: “We are delighted to be joining LINK Mobility Group AS and I am very excited for the next phase of HSL Mobile. This is a great opportunity for us to grow our company, whilst also allowing us to continue to provide the high levels of service that our customers have become used to. The new solutions and services that we will be able to offer will allow us to better serve the UK market going forward and we are looking forward to the exciting new chapter ahead.”