Press Release

OVHcloud, the leading European cloud provider with global reach gathers its whole community online for its 8th annual event: OVHcloud Ecosystem Experience. The virtual event brings together 150 speakers from all around the world, across 90 sessions, offering a deep dive into the cloud ecosystem for 3 days and plans to welcome over 10, 000 guests.
Each day includes a keynote, the format has been totally revamped to welcome both the OVHcloud leadership team but also exclusive guests from several countries. These key sessions provide a focus on how the ecosystem can change the data game and propose a trusted, sustainable and performant alternative to the most hegemonic global players.
An ecosystem for more sovereignty over data

OVHcloud renews its commitment towards data sovereignty across the globe. Building on a matrix gathering over 3000 partnering companies, around 4 universes and dedicated programs such as Open Trusted Cloud and OVHcloud Marketplace, the European cloud leader invested massively to strengthen its technological and geographic footprint in 2020.

With a stronger focus on its multi-local value, OVHcloud constantly reinforces its infrastructure to meet every regional specificity, freed from extraterritorial influence, wherever its 1.6 million customers are. The company also expanded its teams to effectively provide cloud users with local business and technical expertise.

As part of its constant engagement towards European strategic independence, OVHcloud also positions itself at the core of the GAIA-X framework to scale European values across the cloud industry and market worldwide. This commitment is also reinforced with large-scale innovative projects such as the strategic partnership entered with T-Systems, to co-build a unique sovereign platform on public cloud technologies. Last, the company steps up on its security roadmap to obtain key labels of trust such as SecNumCloud in France, AgID in Italy or C5 in Germany or join trusted frameworks such as G-Cloud in the United Kingdom.

“Opening a third path in the data world is not an easy task, but we are confident we can do it, thanks to this unique and strong ecosystem bonded around core values such as Openness, Reversibility and Transparency.” declares Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud.

An ecosystem to make a data revolution, in a sustainable way

Frugality and efficiency have been core to OVHcloud’s sustainable track record for over 15 years. Indeed, its vertically integrated model today is a key asset to reduce its footprint, while boosting its price leadership, by design. The company implemented water-cooling back in 2003, which results in a leading Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) range from 1.3 down to 1.09 whilst the industry average is touching 2. Despite its choice of water systems, OVHcloud reaches a unique Water Usage Efficiency index of 0.2.

“In more concrete terms, we only need a glass of water to cool down a server for 10 hours while the industry average needs a full bottle of water to do so. We operate our data centers in low carbon grids, using former existing buildings to set them up, as we recycle components for second and third life… we know we can reach targets on the Energy/Water/Carbon trio. That’s why we need to step up and act now.” specifies François Sterin, EVP Industry at OVHcloud.

The company steps up with an ambitious commitment overtime: reaching carbon neutrality with a pure renewable energy mix by 2025, moreover it plans to achieve net zero emission by 2030. To do so, OVHcloud defines 5 key levers to deliver a strong sustainability agenda: monitoring, design, renewable energy, circular economy and ecosystem mobilization will be its key focus for the coming months. As part of this roadmap, OVHcloud initiated a partnership with the leading European technology research institute Inria, to enhance monitoring and transform it into a customer facing asset.

An ecosystem to disrupt the data world

Over the past few years, OVHcloud has been working to redesign its worldwide backbone network infrastructure and has built a system which can handle a global increase in traffic. On top of this brand-new scalable, power efficient, and resilient architecture, the global cloud leader has also rethought its ability to address a wider range of use cases with a core focus on resiliency and ability to scale.

Thanks to its brand new High-End ultra-performance infrastructure, OVHcloud takes on a new journey to improve, by combining best of breed technologies to address specific enterprise-grade use cases, and even ready-to-use clusters of servers.

Also, to address growing storage and AI needs, OVHcloud has enriched its solutions catalog, by accelerating its storage roadmap with the recent acquisition of OpenIO and EXTEN technology, and by providing a complete AI toolbox with cutting-edge solutions. Thanks to this, businesses will be able to build their own AI-solution or consume turnkey AI-applications powered by the OVHcloud ecosystem, with fully transparent and predictable pricing.

OVHcloud AI Solutions will make selected partners’ AI technology tools and vertical solutions available to offer a seamless and unified customer experience. To do so, there will be a full integration of the partners tools and offerings in all the OVHcloud universes and across them. To this end, OVHcloud has selected 30 top European AI experts able to deliver and scale end-to-end solutions.

“On top of the 2 new data centers we opened this year to address specific sovereign requirements, this new building block will be a key asset to empower our cloud users with the best AI solutions, in an open and trusted framework.” points out Alain Fiocco, CTO of OVHcloud.

Numerous announcements will follow throughout the year.