In Italy TIM have continued to demonstrate an impressive commitment to close the digital divide by 2021 with the aim of enabling all Italians to be able to work online, browse the internet at high speed and use TV and entertainment services.

In the last 6-months alone over 2,500 mainly rural towns and villages have benefited from improved ultra-broadband coverage.

By the end of December TIM is committed to bringing fibre to 90% of families nationwide, that’s more than 5,000 municipalities and have confirmed that where they have not yet provided access to fibre they will look to use fixed wireless access technology.

Despite this success, there remains plenty to be done. Research by IDATE for the FTTH Council Europe, published in September 2019, shows that Italy has one of the lowest FTTH/B penetration rates of all European countries with just 4.1% households having a subscription. 

However all this could change as TIM have cleared the way for the creation of a single national fixed access network in Italy after deals with KKR and altnet Open Fiber to create a new wholesale network, AccessCo.

Italy could be one of the most interesting markets in Europe for some time to come.

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