Press Release

Swish Fibre has announced achieving an eye-watering download speed of over 9,000 Mbps during a residential speed-test on its Full Fibre broadband network in Gerrards Cross. The recorded test also returned upload speeds surpassing 8,500 Mbps, rounded off with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it 2 milliseconds latency result. These astronomical numbers represent the latest milestone in Swish’s journey to bringing Full Fibre broadband to over 250,000 homes across the Home Counties during its first phase of development.

Swish are building 10 Gbps access networks using ADTran XGSPON technology. Every property that takes a Swish Fibre service is fitted with the same Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on which these speeds were recorded.

While Swish is naturally delighted with the numbers achieved during the speed-test, they more importantly paint a clear way forward for households that are looking to eradicate current pain-points with existing broadband services. A lot of focus has traditionally been on download speed, but the upload speeds and low-latency achieved on Swish Fibre’s network play an equally vital role in the age of demand for video calls, working from home and online gaming.

Swish Fibre’s network is also fully independent of Openreach’s copper-based telephone lines that providers like Sky, BT and TalkTalk rely on to serve customers in the aforementioned towns. The UK currently languishes 47th in the world broadband speed rankings, which Swish hopes to help change with the advent of its 10 Gbps network, allowing their customers to work, surf and play beyond the limitations of today’s other broadband networks.

The above speed-test was recorded in Gerrards Cross on 11th February 2021 and can be accessed here. Similar speeds have been obtained in Marlow, but this is the first time a speed of over 9,000 Mbps has been recorded.

Alistair Goulden, CMO of Swish Fibre, said:

“This is the first time that we have seen such speeds on a residential network in the UK. Every single property that Swish provide a service that can be run at these very high speeds. While today’s in-home hardware and broadband consumption doesn’t warrant such a lightning-fast service, it means our network is fit for the future. As technology advances over the coming years, Swish Fibre customers can have confidence that their broadband will continue to grow to meet their future needs.”

Swish Fibre will be bringing its 10 Gbps Full Fibre broadband network to at least 250,000 homes and businesses across the Home Counties.

Swish Fibre will be making further announcements soon.

The speed-test can be viewed here –