The US President has called for the creation of a 5G spectrum task force

US President, Donald Trump, continued to put 5G front and centre of his government’s agenda, as he signed a Presidential Memorandum calling on the country to devise a long-term strategy for 5G spectrum.

President Trump will also create a new 5G Spectrum task force, to report on the specific needs of regional and national government bodies. It will also examine strategies for sharing spectrum with key players in the private sector.

"We will prioritise efforts to accelerate the private sector’s development of 5G, so that the American people can reap the rewards of this incredible technology," White House adviser Michael Kratsios told reporters.

US network operator Verizon has already launched its home broadband 5G services in selected cities around the US, and with rival AT&T poised to do the same in the coming weeks, the US looks intent on winning the "first for 5G race".

However, fully commercialised 5G mobile services are not expected to be rolled out in the US until at least the first quarter of 2019, by which time is expected to face stiff competition from Beijing and Seoul to host the world’s first mobile 5G services.  

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