Press Release

AfricaCom TV interviewed Telecel Group CEO, Mr. Nicolas Bourg at the AfricaCom 2019 event in Cape Town, South Africa. This year, Telecel Group is a sponsor partner of AfricaCom, the Largest African Telco, Media, and Technology Event. AfricaCom accelerates enterprise digital transformation to elevate African economies. Though Telecel Group’s CSR initiative, ASIP, 10 startups were selected to at a premium location at the conference and present their startups during a panel.

On the first day of the conference, AfricaCom TV interviewed Mr. Nicolas Bourg about the African startup scene, the fourth industrial revolution affecting investment in Africa, and how Telecel Group are supporting the startups. During the interview, Mr. Nicolas Bourg discussed why Africa’s startup scene very important to Telecel Group. Mr. Bourg stated, “As a MNO company we need to focus on the needs of the end users in Africa, and startups are a clear path to this. We need to gain insight into needs of the population, and AfricaCom AHUB is the wonderful space to get access to this.”

The reporter from AfricaCom TV asked Mr. Bourg about his opinion on the fourth industrial revolution and how it would affect investment in Africa. Mr. Bourg responded, “I believe this is a very special case, because Africa jumped in the train of technology very quickly. Today all the digital industries are influencing and driving the African economy. From an investor point of view, it is key to understand this revolution and digital economy because it is happening in Africa today. We are the center of it and we believe it’s about creating an ecosystem in the digital environment between startups and MNOs. The investors need to acknowledge this in order to be effective and efficient in their decisions.”

Mr. Nicolas Bourg concluded the interview by stating, “At AfricaCom 2019 we will see the trends and needs in these niche markets. This is just the beginning, we aren’t certain how it could turn out to be, but today we are here to track the changes by being close to the startup industry.”

Nicolas Bourg is a Business Entrepreneur and Investor. As Group Managing Partner at Telecel Group, Nicolas is focused on transforming telecommunication services to make life easier for people around the world, especially in Africa.

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