A new survey from Broadband Genie shows that 62% of British people feel that broadband advertising is dishonest

Broadband advertising in the UK is confusing and deliberately misleading, according to a recent survey conducted by Broadband Genie.

The survey revealed that 62% of people did not feel that broadband advertising was honest and 30% believed that they had been actively mislead by broadband providers in the last 12 months.   

“There is still a lot of confusion around advertising within the broadband industry. It’s a technical product and some of the jargon can confuse the average user. It certainly doesn’t help that information on speed isn’t accurate to the individual user," said Commenting on the survey findings, Rob Hilborn, Head of Strategy at Broadband Genie.

Ofcom has recently ruled that ISPs must now use the average speed that their customers can expect to receive, rather than the elusive "top speeds", which are often available to fewer than 10% of customers. 

“Trust in broadband advertising is a major problem, but the new rules coming in later this year are definitely a step in the right direction. Consumers will start to see a more accurate representation of the speeds actually available to their homes and businesses, hopefully restoring trust between provider and consumer.”

More than a quarter of those surveyed said they do not know the advertised download speed of their connection, and 21% do not know what type of home broadband they have.