The implementation of 5G and of ultra high definition 4k TV and video streaming will cause exponential growth in mobile data consumption

Monthly mobile data consumption in the UK will average almost 100 Gb per user by 2025, according to mobile network provider, giffgaff.

Average data consumption will hit 98.34 Gb per month by 2025, as ultra-high definition mobile tv and streaming services cause exponential growth in consumption.  

Unsurprisingly, giffgaff predicts that the commercial rollout of 5G services in 2020/2021 will be the catalyst for this growth, with average data consumption set to jump from 3.95 Gb per month in 2020 to 45.12GB in 2021.

giffgaff’s research suggests that the biggest driver in this rise in data consumption will be ultra high definition video streaming. giffgaff estimates that 4k UHDTV streaming will be responsible for 73.87 Gb of the average customer’s monthly data consumption.  

"5G will undoubtedly facilitate a huge uptick in data consumption once it is rolled out across the UK. Key drivers like high-definition video streaming and advances in social media will dramatically increase demand for network capacity and operators need to make sure they are ready for that," said Simon Carey, telecoms analyst at TGT consulting.

Currently the average user in the UK consumes 2.32 Gb of data per month.