British Fibre Networks has been launched by fibre broadband pioneer, Elfred Thomas

Broadband and technology entrepreneur Elfred Thomas has launced British Fibre Networks, a new company which aims to provide pure fibre connectivity and a choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP) to all new build homes in the UK.

British Fibre Networks will offer new homeowners the chance to experience greater broadband capacity and speeds of up to 1GB from their chosen ISP, compared to the UK average broadband speed of 16.51Mbps. 

"Clearly there are a number of well financed ISP entrants into the market. We ensure new homes have the fibre infrastructure which can connect with this growing choice of fibre networks. Choice and capacity to the customer is vital for a competitive platform. For too long, new homeowners and builders have been subject to a monopolistic offer, which is overpriced and never installed in time for when the customer moves in,” said Thomas. 

“British Fibre Networks aims to address this and create a model that breaks up the monopoly of BT. Working with developers, we will deliver superior connectivity and choice to new homeowners, many of whom have previously been quoted extortionate prices for access to a patchwork copper/fibre network. It will add value for house builders, who can now offer a home with pure fibre connectivity and choice.”

In partnership with house builders and developers, British Fibre Networks will install a pure fibre aggregator portal in new homes that can connect with a greater choice of fibre networks, offering homeowners access to the whole market of broadband providers. 

Currently, only 3% of the UK has full fibre broadband despite considerable demand. Out of the 28 EU member countries, this statistic places the UK in the bottom 4. 

Improving Britain’s fibre to the home (FTTH) services will be a key area of discussion at this year’s Connected Britain event. Held from the 19-20 June 2018, the event will look at strategies for improving connectivity in the UK.