U.K. mobile operator launches new brand aimed at under 25s that allows unlimited usage of key social networking and messaging apps.

Vodafone on Thursday announced the launch of Voxi, a youth-focussed sub-brand that enables users to access certain apps, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, without eating into their data allowance.

The service, which is also relatively low cost, is aimed squarely at heavy data users, particularly those who spend their days glued to social networking sites and messaging apps.

Voxi customers can use Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and Viber without affecting their data allowance.

They will, of course, require a data plan for everything else, and there are three contract-free tariff plans to choose from: the £10 per month option comes with 2 GB of data, £15 gives 5 GB, and £20 15 GB.

Users can add more data at £3 for 1 GB. They also need to take care not to run out of data, since free usage of the aforementioned apps stops until they buy more.

All the plans naturally come with unlimited voice and SMS, because the service is aimed at people aged 25 and under, who, anecdotal evidence suggests, have no idea what either of those things are.

"Why should young people make do with the same mobile plans as everyone else, when they use their phones differently and often can’t access the best deals?" said Voxi head Dan Lambrou.

Voxi’s target audience loves streaming video and music, Vodafone said. As a result, it is planning to launch some specific passes that allow users unlimited usage of video and music apps, again without impacting on their data allowance. It did not share a launch date, but said the passes are "coming soon."

Updated 1 September to correct data price.