Aberdeen has been named as the second of twelve cities throughout the UK to be connected to CityFibre’s full fibre, gigabit capable networks

Aberdeen has been unveiled as the second city to receive a full fibre roll out as part of CityFibre and Vodafone’s pledge to bring up to 1 million fibre to the home (FTTH) connections to the UK by 2021.  

The announcement will mean that Aberdeen becomes the first city in Scotland to boast near 100% FTTH penetration. CityFibre is set to invest £40 million in the project to deliver full fibre services to the Granite City.  

“Our commitment to Aberdeen is further evidence of the action CityFibre is taking to deliver Britain’s full fibre future. Our existing network in Aberdeen provides us with an eighteen-month head-start on a full fibre roll-out to nearly every home and business in the city. With similar FTTP backbone networks already built in over 40 UK towns and cities, our contribution to national full fibre coverage is well underway. We are getting on with the job of building Gigabit Britain – at full speed,” said Greg Mesch, chief executive at CityFibre.

The provision of full fibre services will have a transformative effect on Aberdeen’s local economy and will help to establish it as a connectivity hub in Scotland and the rest of the UK. 

“Our Gigabit broadband services, delivered over CityFibre’s new full fibre networks, will help Aberdeen build on its credentials in innovation and as one of the best places to start a business. It will also transform consumers’ daily lives through superior Internet access. We’re committed to helping businesses, entrepreneurs and residents embrace the new gigabit society in Aberdeen, the technological heart of Scotland,” said Vodafone UK’s chief executive, Nick Jeffery. 

Phase one of the joint initiative between CityFibre and Vodafone will deliver one million full fibre connections across the UK by 2021. That figure could rise to 5 million FTTH connections by the mid-2020s, as subsequent phases go live.  

Representatives from CityFibre and Vodafone will be speaking at this year’s Connected Britain event. Click here to find out more about plans to bring gigabit capable connectivity to the UK.