After successful trials in the Cornish town of Porthcurno, Vodafone is set to roll out its 4G mini-masts across the country

Vodafone UK is bringing mobile broadband speeds of up to 200Mbps to some of Britain’s hardest to reach rural communities, thanks to a successful trial of its new 4G mobile mini mast.

Recent trials in the Cornish town of Porthcurno have proved successful, providing download speeds of 200Mbps, as well as strong voice call signal for the first time in the region.

“We’re working hard to connect customers across the UK and our new mini mast will help provide 4G in places where other networks struggle to reach, while minimising the visual and environmental impact. It forms part of our major investment in our network and services to provide our customers reliable coverage where they live, work and travel,” said Vodafone UK’s chief technology officer, Scott Petty.

Vodafone’s telescopic mini-mast stands just 8m high, around half the size of a standard 4G mast. Unlike other masts, Vodafone’s 4G mini-mast does not require a large technology cabinet to house the power supply and electronics.  

Vodafone says that the mini-masts will have a transformative effect on connectivity in Britain’s rural communities.

“The quality of mobile phone signal in West Cornwall is a subject that is regularly raised with me, as is the need to protect and preserve our countryside. This new mast offers the opportunity to reduce the visual impact of phone masts, whilst addressing people’s desire for improved connectivity. I’m pleased that the Vodafone mini mast is now in place and welcome any additional innovations that enable us to stay connected,” said Derek Thomas, MP for West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (St Ives).

How best to provide connectivity to Britain’s hard to reach rural communities will be a key theme at this year’s Connected Britain event. Click here for a full agenda and to find out how you can be part of the discussion.