Vodafone Chief Technology Officer, Johan Wibergh, has today announced that he will retire from the operator, where he has been a member of the Executive Committee since May 2015, at the end of the year.

Wibergh stated on LinkedIn that he was “entering a new phase in my life. I want to move abroad to be closer to my loved ones, as well as devote more time to exploring new opportunities to keep my mind active. ”

His retirement comes now having completed the creation of a single pan-European technology team, which is headed up by Alberto Ripepi and Scott Petty. From 1 January 2023, Petty will become Group Chief Technology Officer and Ripepi Group Chief Network Officer both reporting into Chief Executive, Nick Read.

Wibergh’s career started with roles at Diab Data AB and Bull AB before joining Ericsson in 1996 and Vodafone in 2015.

In 2021 Johan Wibergh joined the keynote panel at the Total Telecom Congress where he observed that for telco’s it is “No longer enough to be connectivity provider – we must become digital enabler,” – a message many have since heeded – highlighting the importance of partnerships with new players, from cloud hyperscalers to new industry verticals.

He went on to add “Partnering is great, it’s a good way to bring value to customers, but if the only thing you bring into the game is the connectivity, nothing will change,”

“It’s really important to add something that will drive revenue growth.”

Although Johan won’t be speaking at this years’ Total Telecom Congress, Vodafone colleagues will be – including Head of Network Planning, Demand, Delivery and Transformation for Europe, Antonella Faniuolo. Find out how you can join here.