The company has acquired 90MHz of spectrum in the 3.7GHz band, which will help it launch 5G services across the country

Vodafone Spain has announced that it acquired 90MHz of spectrum in Spain’s 5G spectrum auction, this week. Vodafone spent €198.1 million on spectrum in the 3.7GHz band – a key band for use in 5G rollout.

"Vodafone Spain will use the 3700 MHz spectrum to deploy 5G services, enabling Gigabit speeds and lower latency to enhance applications including connected vehicles and robotics, industrial automated systems, and virtual and augmented reality," the company said in a statement.

The company will now make payment of the €198.1 million amount in 20 equal instalments of €9.905 million. The spectrum licence has a life of 20 years. In addition to the 90MHz of 3.7GHz spectrum purchased at auction, Vodafone Spain also holds 20 MHz of 800MHz spectrum, 20MHz of 900MHz spectrum, 40MHz of 1800MHz spectrum, 35MHz of 2100MHz spectrum and 60MHz of 2600MHz spectrum, leaving the company well positioned as the country looks to rollout 5G and expand 4G services in the coming years.

So far, Spain’s 5G spectrum auction has raised over €400 million for the Spanish government, with Spain’s other big three operators yet to declare how much spectrum they have acquired.