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Voicesense, an innovative provider of voice-based predictive analytics solutions, today announced that the company has added predictive analytics to its call center offering.

In this new version, Voicesense provides call center operators with an automated framework for predicting the behaviors of customers and agents during live operations.

For each voice-based customer interaction in the call center, the Voicesense technology builds an AI-driven personal profile for each customer and predictive score for the customer’s potential behaviors. The technology creates this personal profile and predictive score by analyzing over 200 prosodic parameters of a person’s speech, which are the non-content features of speech, such as intonation, pace and emphasis.

For outbound call center activities, the Voicesense application provides marketing and sales agents with immediate go/no-go indications regarding each customer’s purchasing probability, allowing agents to focus on those customer interactions with high revenue-generating potential. For each customer, the Voicesense application also provides the agent with guidance on sales approaches based on the customer’s individual buying preferences, such focusing on pricing, product strengths or brand quality.

During inbound call center operations, the Voicesense application provides real-time indicators of customers that are dissatisfied and at risk of churning. These indicators can be leveraged by agents and managers to initiate retention activities. The application also provides predictions for a customer’s loyalty style, such tendencies for long term value or inclinations for short term promotions, which can be leveraged by agents in their retention efforts. These predictions can also be used to identify up sales opportunities and personalize offers.

“Until now, the speech analytics technologies used in call centers environments revolve around emotion detection and have limited applications to support sales activities, while most predictive analytics approaches are not applicable to call center operations as they typically rely on historical data and offline analysis,” explained Yoav Degani, CEO of Voicesense. “We have strong expectations that the initial PoC trials that are currently underway at a number of call centers in the telco and financial service sectors will lead to impressive results and wider demand.”

The Voicesense application can be fully integrated on premise or through an API to the cloud with an organization’s other systems used in its call center operations, including, CRM, business intelligence and other systems.

This new version also provides a framework for monitoring all customer interactions and evaluating the overall call center performance. In addition, it tracks agent burnout and identifying individual agents that are at risk of attrition, helping managers make proactive decisions to reduce agent turnover.

Voicesense is currently offering a proof-of-concept trial of this new version of its speech-based predictive analytics solution for call centers.

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Voicesense specializes in speech-based predictive analytics with a groundbreaking approach to forecast individuals’ behavioral tendencies. Voicesense applies signal processing techniques to extract and analyze over 200 prosodic vocal parameters. These are, the non-content features of a person’s speech, such as intonation, energy, pace and emphasis. Using AI algorithms, Voicesense generates a personalized prediction of a person’s behavior for numerous use cases. Markets applying the Voicesense technology include human resources, call centers, customer analytics, fintech and healthcare. All Voicesense solutions are language independent and are backed up by solid validation research, proven results and patents, granted worldwide. For more information, please visit

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