Press Release

VXL Software has teamed up with leading smartphone manufacturer, Sony Mobile, following the successful certification of its Fusion UEM unified endpoint management software and Sony’s Xperia™ smartphone range. This integration of the latest Sony Mobile device management APIs with VXL Software’s Fusion UEM, is designed to deliver additional mobile device-level controls for IT administrators.

Frank Noon, VXL VP Worldwide Sales commented; “Together we’re perfectly placed to take advantage of the current and projected growth in customer demand for mobile device management solutions. Business customers can now be confident that they can also add Xperia™ smartphones from Sony to their Enterprise Managed Devices programs and satisfy the security needs of their IT departments.”

What sets Fusion UEM apart, is its ability to centrally manage both mobile and desktop devices running Android, Windows 7 and 10 Professional, Windows Embedded 7, 8 and 10 IoT, Windows POS and iOS – all from a single console. This not only means increased management efficiencies but also negates the need for separate IT administration of individual mobile and desktop networks.

“Fusion UEM is really two device management products in one, a mobile-device manager and a fixed-device manager. Unlike separate solutions, which require two servers – with two sets of server licensing costs and different IT admin teams, combining the desktop and mobile device management capabilities not only delivers significant cost savings but also improved productivity benefits too,” Noon added.

Providing complete end-to-end device management, Fusion UEM enables IT departments to easily provision devices, add or update applications, manage access to corporate content, enhance security and much more. In particular, IT administrators will be able to use Fusion UEM to enable the following additional Sony Xperia™ policies;
• Enable Exchange ActiveSync in native email client
• Prevent the installation of blacklisted or allow whitelisted apps
• Require SD Card Encryption
• Data usage on roaming, Bluetooth, tethering, SD card access

Ola Larsen, Business Development Manager, at Sony Mobile Communications commented, “VXL Software’s Fusion UEM provides an effective complementary solution for both our existing Xperia™ smartphone product portfolio and our B2B customers looking for an easy-to-use and feature-rich device management software. Fusion UEM fits extremely well with our strategy of partnering with software providers who can offer genuine differentiation to our customer network”.