Intel says that its new reference design solution will enable providers to launch services more efficiently over their 5G networks

Intel has launched its virtualised cloud reference design 5G infrastructure, which will allow communication service providers to quickly deploy their services over 5G networks.

“This virtualised, cloud-ready reference design offers the communications industry a path to 5G, allowing CoSPs to speed deployment of new services and jump-start their development of edge computing and services. It reduces the time to market thanks to pre-integrated components for interoperability and proven technology from Intel,” Caroline Chan, vice president and general manager of the Communications Infrastructure Division in Intel’s Data Centre Group, told Total Telecom at an industry event in London this week.

Intel’s 5G infrastructure reference design will allow customers to rapidly deploy cloud enabled, agile 5G networks to support a whole range of innovative use cases.

"The buzz around 5G is about much more than opening up new wireless spectrum and maximising investments in virtualised networks; it’s the use cases that excite people in every vertical market outside the world of telecommunications," said Chan in a blog post, posted earlier today. 

The solution will support Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications in addition to enabling ultra-low latency gaming and UHD TV streaming services.  

Intel’s new reference design will deliver synergies that will provide a fast track to 5G deployment, by allowing users to centralise the management of their networks with dynamic workload processing.