Press Release

Increasing technology innovations are making big waves across industries, and logistics and the supply chain may be one of the most impacted sectors.

With a population exceeding 210 million, Pakistan is the 6th most populous nation and the world. The transport and logistics sector has a profound and enduring effect on the economic growth of Pakistan with the transport sector contributing 22.3% of the services sector GDP and approximately 6% of the country’s total employment in 2019.

Wahyd Logistics is a technology-driven logistics company that entered Pakistan in 2020. Wahyd Logistics has entered the market with the aim to become the leading trucking marketplace in the country and in a short period, has been able to expand its presence in all the major cities of Pakistan.
Wahyd Logistics offers a mobile app that connects shippers and truckers to help them transport goods. The vehicle types it offers through its platform include 6 wheelers, 10 wheelers, Flat bed, Mazda, Box truck, Tautliner and others. Wahyd Logistics has brought transparency, affordability, and reliability, for the main stakeholders of the trucking industry in Pakistan.

Wahyd Logistics allows shippers to receive instant quotes by submitting their load details on both the web and mobile app. The mobile app for shippers enables them to manage all their orders end-to-end from a single point of contact and immediately connect with trusted transporters. Another salient feature being offered within the mobile app is the real-time order tracking, monitoring, and history which is offered for free. The transporters also get a dedicated mobile app to get immediate access to customers who want to ship goods and become part of a thriving marketplace.

Wahyd Logistics is part of Wahyd Group and is being led by Mr. Shahzad Sadan who has over 30 years of diversified global and local experience with large MNCs as well as public and private sectors companies in Pakistan and the GCC. Mr. Sadan sees Wahyd Logistics as one of the top 5 logistics companies in Pakistan in the next 5 years with a turnover of US$500 million.