Press Release

Wave2Wave Solution, the global leader in physical layer automation, today announced two new products in its ROME family of robotic fibre switches, the ROME 64Q and 128Q. The two new products provide direct Multiple-Fibre Push-On/Pull-off (MPO) patch panel interfaces, incorporating eight fibre any-to-any connections, to support the growing number of high-speed fibre links in data centres.

Increasing bandwidth demands are driving the need for MPO, high density connectivity. Because each MPO port simultaneously connects 8 fibres, this approach delivers an effective way to easily connect high speed QSFP+ transceivers.

The ROME 64Q has 64 MPO ports with each port connecting eight fibres (a total of 512 fibre connections) and the ROME 128Q has 128 MPO ports (a total of 1024 fibre connections) in an any-to-any configuration.

“We are seeing increased use of high-density cabling in data centres,” said David Wang, president and CEO, Wave2Wave Solution. “Space in data centres is already tight and MPO cabling provides a cost-effective way to deliver higher speed connectivity. The ROME 64Q and 128Q have been designed to support this need and bring the benefits of physical layer automation to MPO configured data centre networks.”

Massive investments in fibre and in the automation of critical network functions through software defined networking have led to huge improvements in performance. However, automation has been missing from the physical layer. With its ROME robotic fibre switches, Wave2Wave closes the automation gap and extends software defined networking and automation to the physical layer fibre network, delivering increased performance, flexibility and reduced operating costs.