The Port Authority of Hamburg has allocated an 8,000 hectare testing zone, in which the partners can explore the industrial and commercial applications of 5G networks

Nokia and Deutsche Telekom have joined forces with the Port Authority of Hamburg to conduct a series of specialised, industrial use tests for 5G. The group has commissioned an 8,000 hectare testing area, in which a series of commercial tests will take place, including network slicing trials, traffic light management, data processing from mobile sensors and even virtual reality. 

The group has attached the 5G antennae to the top of the Hamburg television tower, at a height of 150m.  
"This testbed in Hamburg is an important development step along the road to 5G. We need practical experience which we can get in the Port of Hamburg. Our goal is to understand how we can best adapt our network to customer requirements. The production industry and the logistics sector, in particular, are going to reap the benefits of 5G as a powerful lever for many applications," said Claudia Nemat, board member for technology and innovation at Deutsche Telekom. 
Hamburg is one of the busiest ports in Europe and is an industrial hub, making it an ideal venue for strategic, industrially focussed 5G testing.
"5G offers a level of security, reliability and speed never seen before in mobile networks. HPA is opening up completely new use cases. We can start gathering experience of this cutting-edge technology right now and shape the standard. This is going to benefit the whole City of Hamburg, not just the port," said Jens Meier, CEO of the Hamburg Port Authority.