A new research study has shown that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is going to result in lasting changes in how we work.

A study of 1,000 UK adults conducted by insight agency Opinium in May 2020 looked to gauge changes in internet habits and usage before and during lockdown. It found that seven out of 10 British adults are now working from home at least some of the time, with three in five believing this will be all the time or much more frequently than before the pandemic.

The study also demonstrated a boom for providers of WiFi extension or booster kits and wireless/WiFi router and an opportunity for broadband providers as over a quarter of households have taken steps to improve their home internet since the lockdown came into effect.

The research was commissioned by networking company Ciena with General Manager and Vice President, EMEA, Jamie Jefferies saying:

“The data overwhelmingly shows that the lines between our personal and professional lives are becoming increasingly blurred as we adapt to working from home more often. With more demand on our home broadband, we are looking to upgrade in every way we know how, all to make sure we have a good enough connection now and in the future. This presents a unique opportunity for network providers as connectivity priorities change.”