Industry thought leaders PGi have been a key partner of Total Telecom for a number of years. 

At Carriers World 2017, Frank Paterno of PGi once again gave an extremely well recieved keynote presentation on ‘A new era for enterprise voice through integrated UC solutions’.

After his presentation Total Telecom caught up with Frank to hear his thoughts on the importance of unified communications. 

Frank told us us that in the world of communications, technology is getting more complicated and complex. Users demands are getting more complex too e.g. video calls yet users tolerance for complexity is getting lower. According to Frank, this is where unified communications comes into play making all these complicated features into a single simple solution that is easy to use. 

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About PGi

PGi, or Premiere Global Services, Inc., is a multinational corporation and global provider of conferencing and collaboration solutions. Its products include audio conferencing, web conferencing, webcasting, videoconferencing and virtual meeting solutions such as iMeet and GlobalMeet. PGi provides global SaaS and cloud computing solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses. You can also learn more about PGi and unified communications by viewing their content microsite here