NETSCOUT were a key partner at the 2019 Total Telecom Congress. Director of Solution Architecture, Dr. Martin Klapdor joined Telenor, Orange and NTT DOCOMO for a panel discussion on what could be learnt from the 5G pioneers and how to understand their deployment methods. Martin also gave a well recieved presentation on the subject of 5G, entitled ‘Visibility Without Borders’. 

Moving to 5G introduces unprecedented complexity and challenge for network operators with new virtualized infrastructure. Having smart visibility is critical not only to monitor the network’s performance but also to support the move to automation with a closed loop feed of real-time smart data. Total Telecom caught up with Martin during the conference to understand how smart data helps network operators with the move to 5G with assurance, analytics and automation.  

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At NETSCOUT, our solution for the 5G network evolution is Visibility without Borders. Service providers can implement NETSCOUT solutions across multi-generations of network technologies—mobile, cloud and hybrid—to gain actionable insights into, performance reliability and latency for 5G networks and services. From RAN planning and design with geo spatial propagation modelling calibration, to proactive service assurance, to network automation and optimization, and everything in between, NETSCOUT helps service providers overcome the challenges of multi-generational networks as they march toward a 5G future.