Press Release

Williams Racing is pleased to welcome Vuzion, a UK-based cloud distributor, as the Acronis #CyberFit Delivery Partner, in line with the Cyber Protection Partnership between Williams and Acronis that was renewed earlier this year.

Since Williams and Acronis first partnered at the start of the 2018 Formula One season, Acronis has helped the team manage growing volumes of data without compromising the security and flexibility mandated by the sport.

Williams has benefited from Acronis Cyber Protect since 2020, a unique AI-enhanced solution that integrates data protection with cybersecurity, preventing cyberattacks and helping the team avoid downtime. Acronis uniquely combines automation and integration, ensuring the prevention, detection, response, recovery, and analysis needed to safeguard all workloads while streamlining protection efforts. Acronis technology is designed to address the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) challenges of modern organizations at the highest levels of business and competitive sport.

The Vuzion logo will be proudly displayed on the FW43B for eight races throughout the season, the first of which will be the Monaco Grand Prix.

Tim Hunt, Chief Marketing Officer for Williams Racing, said: “We are delighted to welcome Vuzion to Williams as Acronis’ #CyberFit Delivery Partner. The values we share with Acronis, to push technology and innovation is pivotal to both parties. Introducing Vuzion as Acronis #CyberFit Delivery Partner helps drive continuous improvement that we are all working towards and I look forward to working with Vuzion as the team embarks on its next chapter.”

Michael Frisby, Managing Director, Vuzion, commented: “At the heart of Vuzion’s values, is a passion to be the best partner we can be each day for our vendors and resellers. We are only successful if our partners are successful! Our #Cyberfit Delivery Partnerships with Acronis and, by extension, our shared commitment to the Cyber Protection Partnership with Williams, are tied to that philosophy.”

Vuzion has the spirit of a Formula One competitor, where you must be the best you can be, every day. Like Williams Racing, Vuzion is continually pushing for marginal gains in how its team and systems operate.

Just as Williams focus on finding every tenth of a second in performance, so Vuzion and Acronis strive to provide their joint resellers, the very best service to power the ultimate cyber protection for their customers.

Jan-Jaap Jager, the Board Advisor and Chief Revenue Officer at Acronis added: “We are proud to support one of the most iconic Formula One teams on the grid together with Vuzion. Motorsport depend on data-driven decisions in the office and on the track. With Vuzion’s support of our partnership, we’ll ensure Williams receives the best technology and service to maximise their #CyberFit potential.”