Press Release

WIM Technologies is a South African based company with offices in Johannesburg and London specialising in RAN software & services for Performance & Optimisation, Network Deployment and Closed Loop Automation. Its main goal is to provide cost effective, modular, and automated software to attend to the ever-changing telecommunications market and its complexities.

One of its latest innovations comes with the launch of Configuration Management for Samsung Open RAN which extends the ability for real-time, constant application of network policies, automatic detection, and resolution of discrepancies to O-RAN networks. WIM Technologies’ long history and understanding of the complexities of traditional network configuration played an important part in the process. It is exciting that this can now be extended to this new Open ecosystem.

“As the deployment of Open RAN becomes a reality, it will be necessary for network operators to find efficient ways to manage both Open and traditional RAN simultaneously. Centralised, cross-vendor network automation is our focus”, asserts Anshul Malhotra, CEO of WIM Technologies. “We know that operators are investing and exploring ways of working with Open RAN, and that these networks will need a more dynamic approach for optimisation. By developing solutions that build on the knowledge we have of RAN configuration management, we can support out partners to adapt to this complex new ecosystem.”

There are important competitive advantages to operators that are willing to invest in an effective configuration management platform. Nik Angelov, Technical & Product Sales Manager of WIM Technologies explained, “In this new ecosystem it is of vital importance to improve the efficiency of RAN configuration data management. Having the ability to use a standardised interface across multiple vendors for direct control of the data, creates a competitive advantage as this ultimately provides operators with the ability to manage customer experience in real-time.”

WIM Technologies’ emphasizes its commitment to continue providing solutions for Automated RAN optimisation irrespective of the ecosystem. For more information on their solutions go to