Press Release

Iskratel, the leading European infocommunications vendor and solutions provider, has kick-started its 70th anniversary celebrations, announcing it aims to double its sales revenues by 2020 and expand ambitiously into new markets.

The company will widen its offerings both in terms of vertical markets and geographical reach, targeting industries such as transport, public safety and energy. With 500 million end-users of its technology, Iskratel has performed strongly in its core market of telecommunications since it was founded in 1947 and is present in more than 30 countries worldwide.

To mark its 70th anniversary, the company held a celebration gala at the Brdo Congress Centre to highlight its achievements and length of service to the telecoms industry. The event featured speeches from Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia Karl Erjavec and the Russian Ambassador Doku Zavgayev. A book titled Iskratel 70 Years – and a video animation have also been published to commemorate the occasion.

“In the last 70 years, Iskratel has prospered in the face of many different political and economic shifts because we have invested in people, expertise and research and development,” said Iskratel’s CEO Željko Puljic. “Throughout its history, Iskratel has built strong partnerships and become a trusted and loyal vendor, even in tough times. Faced with new challenges, we are encouraged by our tradition of success as we move into the future.”

At the event, the lasting impact Iskratel has made on the generations of people across continents over the last seven decades was highlighted, along with the foundations of the company. These are innovation, modernization, growth and development which Iskratel combines with its experience in its technology to improve people’s quality of life.

“Iskratel’s employees have always shown remarkable team spirit and commitment and it is this strength which has helped us successfully navigate the last seven decades,” said Puljic. “Iskratel is a legacy of the generations who have built, enriched, developed and strengthened it over the years to create one of the leading companies in infocommunications in Europe, with a clear strategy for future development.”

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