Press Release

WirelessPSC announced today its strategic partnership with Pacific Research Laboratories to market innovative Super Shroud antenna concealment solutions to the mobile network operator ecosystem. The companies are announcing their partnership at the Connect X Connectivity Expo being held this week in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“We have a strong record of accomplishments in innovation, design and manufacturing in the world of material science,” explained John James, president of Pacific Labs Research. “Super Shrouds have been technically well received by the wireless market. Our partnership with WirelessPSC will ramp up product exposure to our target customers during a time when network infrastructure enhancements are on the rise and antenna concealment is becoming a key consideration.”

Super Shroud concealment solutions provide field technicians with easy access to antenna installations to perform general maintenance, hardware repairs and equipment upgrades. They are designed using high strength-to-weight durable composite panels that are “RF friendly” and easy to implement into existing sites for conformance with local planning authority requirements. They are available in a variety of standard sizes up to 70 inches in diameter and 144 inches in height, to support both small and macro-antenna installations on mono-pole or rooftop sites.

“The response from operators to Super Shrouds has been overwhelmingly positive,” said John Sleet, founder of WirelessPSC. “As mobile network operators look to update and densify their antenna installations in support of 600 MHz, FirstNet, 4G and 5G, the mobile wireless industry can look to Super Shroud as a reliable option for concealing antenna installations without inhibiting the ability to conduct ongoing maintenance and upgrades to their equipment.”

Under terms of the agreement, WirelessPSC will be Super Shroud’s sole manufacturer’s representative in the United States. The company is demonstrating its antenna concealment solutions at the Connect X Connectivity Expo, at booth 212.