The call showcased ZTE’s end-to-end 5G services, including a prototype 5G smartphone handset

Chinese kit manufacturer ZTE and China Unicom have claimed the world’s first 5G call using a ZTE prototype handset.  

The call was conducted in China’s 5G City research and development centre in Shenzhen. During the call, the pair executed a number of voice and data services, including an online group chat, hosted by Wechat, as well as online video streaming.

"This achievement has made Shenzhen field of China Unicom become the world’s first commercial test field to make the first call in the NSA mode and it is in compliance with the 3GPP Rel-15. Known as “the City of Innovation”, Shenzhen is one of the first 5G pilot cities of China Unicom. Shenzhen is fully verifying the 5G network equipment’s networking capabilities, special services, roaming and interconnection, and the inheritance of existing services in phases, thereby laying a solid foundation for the 5G whole network commercial construction," a ZTE spokesman said in a statement to the press.

The call was made using ZTE’s end-to-end 5G solutions, using a radio access network, core and transport network all provided by ZTE. In addition, the call was made using ZTE’s 5G prototype smartphone.

During its most recent round of testing, ZTE was able to verify several key 5G technologies, including Massive MIMO and 5G New Radio hardware.

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