ZTE will build on its existing partnership with Jersey Telecom and will supply kit for JT’s 5G network rollout

Jersey Telecom has signed a partnership agreement with Chinese kit manufacturer, ZTE, to build a new 5G mobile network in the Channel Islands. Representatives from the two companies met in Shenzhen, China, earlier this week, to formalise the details of the agreement.

With the contracts now being signed, JT will begin working with ZTE to launch a pre-commercial 5G test bed in the Channel Islands by the middle of 2019. The pair have previously worked together to launch 4G services on the Channel Islands.

“Our goal is to build the best networks we possibly can for islanders to enjoy. We aspire to build on our island’s world beating fibre network and now offer Channel Islanders the best 5G service in the world.  Our role is to support our customers, providing them the technology to do whatever they want. By building these information super highways we make this possible," said Graeme Millar, CEO of Jersey Telecom.

"ZTE are the ideal partner, who’ve supported us already with our 4G network. We know customers appreciate its speed and quality. Indeed, our ZTE 4G network has been ranked as the fastest in the CI by global assessor Ookla for the last three years running. We expect more of the same from our Islands’ new 5G network."

For ZTE, the contract represents a significant win and an opportunity to be showcase its abilities ahead of more large-scale opportunities in Europe.

“This is a key milestone for both ZTE and JT to start the journey of 5G. 5G is an enabler for technology innovation and digital transformation and at ZTE we aim to be a world leader in 5G solution development. As we did through our 4G partnership, ZTE are determined and committed to provide the best possible 5G solution and service to JT and for the Channel Islands," said Kenneth Cao, managing director of ZTE UK.

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