Press Release

ZTE Corporation, a global leading provider of ICT products and solutions for telecom operators, enterprises, and consumers, announced its adaptive cyber security solution at CeBIT 2017.

Recent years have seen more severe cyber security situations. Cyber-attacks have become diversified, more complex, and industrialised. In 2016, at least 1.45 billion pieces of personal information were leaked. Many large financial institutions suffered from cyber-attacks. Domain name system (DNS) providers, power systems, and other key infrastructures were also attacked through the cyber space. The world is confronted with unprecedented challenges in network and information security.

To address these challenges, ZTE has developed its adaptive cyber security solution built on its strength in ICT and successful practices in ensuring cyber security. The solution focuses on meeting the requirements of data and service security in complex cyber environments. It achieves cyber security adaptation for devices, services, and environments through cross-domain analytics and automatic responses. Thus the overall capability of safeguarding and managing cyber security is strengthened.

Central to the solution is the adaptive security operation centre, which consists of four systems: a distributed intelligent analytics system, a big data mining and analytics system, a system for on-demand allocation of cloud security resources, and a visualised management system. The distributed intelligent analytics system follows the trends toward network flatness and mobility. It takes into consideration the requirements for cyber security detection and integrates self-learning capabilities to enable cyber security sensing. The big data mining and analytics system is built for environments characterised by heterogeneous networks, complex business, and large volumes of data. It enables the sensing and prediction of security situations for the whole network by using big data analytic engines to carry out multi-domain analytics of data, events, and intelligence. The system for on-demand allocation of cloud security resources ensures the dynamic allocation of cloud security device resources. The adaptive security operation centre fully integrates artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, IoT, and other advanced ICT technologies to ensure intelligent cyber security sensing, security situation prediction, integrated management of cloud security resources, and unified security visualisation.

With a focus on the solution, ZTE will work closely with its partners in relevant fields and jointly develop ecosystems. Through such cooperation, improvements to the solution will be developed in terms of its comprehensiveness, strength, and compatibility, and this will help customers build reliable security systems.

As a leading provider of ICT products, services, and solutions, ZTE has many innovative and sophisticated solutions for industries and has a strong capability in service delivery. ZTE’s breakthroughs in cyber security solutions have been serving many enterprises and operators across the world. ZTE will continue to work as an enabler for the digital transformation of governments and enterprises and offer innovative products and services to safeguard network and information security.