Press Release

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that, with the highest score in comprehensive assessment, ZTE was rated No.1 in China Mobile’s new Packet Transport Network (PTN) Procurement Project.

This latest win, which follows those achieved at China Mobile PTN Procurement last time, further consolidates ZTE’s leading position in the PTN industry. With only two vacancies on the shortlist, China Mobile this time allows the vendor ranking top in the procurement to get more than 70 percent allocation in the project, and the other vendor to obtain no more than 30 percent.

The success in the procurement not only shows the industry-leading technologies of ZTE PTN devices and software-defined PTN (SPTN) controllers, but also demonstrates China Mobile’s exceptional farsightedness and practicability in drawing its technology roadmaps.

As software-defined networks (SDN) are destined to be hotspot communications network technologies in the future, China Mobile also arranged SDN-based tests in terms of SPTN controllers and centralised operation and maintenance centres (OMC) during the procurement. With profound understanding and years of accumulation in the SDN field, ZTE SPTN controller impacts the entire industry by showing exemplary performance and providing brilliant solutions that enable centralised intelligent control, high resource utilisation, flexible service scheduling and smooth network evolution.

Due to the development of the transport network and technologies, China Mobile has started researching the 5G system and building pilot trials. Being an active member in facilitating 5G transport and the development of entire industry chain, ZTE launched its 5G Flexhaul solution at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona to help global operators build future-oriented, flexible, efficient and unified 5G transport networks. As a world-class PTN/SPTN solution supplier, ZTE is capable of providing powerful support and guarantees for China Mobile’s network evolution and deployment. ZTE is also willing to work together with China Mobile to build excellent transport networks and start a brand-new 5G transport era.