At this year’s Total Telecom Congress, we caught up with Rafael Jaron, founder of non-profit ESG specialist Concept for Change, about the organisation’s ongoing projects to promote digital inclusion and shrink the digital divide

With digital infrastructure being rolled out around the world at incredible speed, it is easy to assume that the digital divide is shrinking day by day. But while this is partially true, access to infrastructure is only one part of the broader challenge of digital inclusion, which includes affordability, device availability, and digital education.

Speaking to Concept for Change’s founder, Rafael Jaron, it is clear that the connectivity industry and beyond still has a lot of work to do to address these issues, but also that innovation and inspiration can be found all over the world.

Check out our full interview below.

Concept for Change have recently launched a short Digital Divide and Digital Inclusion survey, seeking to capture a global perspective on some of these vitally important topics. Results from the survey will be used to help inform and educate relevant stakeholders, as well as forming the foundation of new projects. Please here

Concept for Change is also searching for additional Corporate Social Responsibility partners to help launch new, largescale projects to tackle the digital divide and improve digital inclusion.

“Only together we can deliver great change and this can be a great opportunity for any company or organisation,” explained Rafael.

To learn more about Concept for Change and how your organisation can get involved, click here.