We had the pleasure of interviewing Karin Loidl ahead of our upcoming Connected Germany event which is being held in Mainz on April 5-6 2022

Can you introduce yourself and your current role?

As Technology Advisor I´m translating the requirements and needs of professional users into technologies and innovations. With 5G, this starts in standardization, in which the requirements of the industry e.g. in the field of positioning where defined and introduced. Second step is the development of special algorithms for advanced positioning in industrial environments and the necessary application testing in our testbeds as well as the support of first rollouts. Furthermore, I help companies to identify and set-up the right technological roadmap to support their business models. 

What have been the most interesting developments in 5G innovation within Germany in the last year?

In Germany, many hidden champions are highly innovative and are already developing completely new solutions for their production and their products with 5G. They are pursuing the path of digitization purposefully and making good use of the opportunities offered in Germany by e.g. reserved campus licenses. 

However, when it comes to using the multifunctionality 5G a lot of potential can still be exploited. Especially if you want to combine 5G-based communication and positioning. Application-oriented research institutions that exist in Germany like the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft can help to discover these new areas.

What are you most looking forward to at Connected Germany?

To meet and develop new ideas together with all the creative minds in 5G. I think we have not yet raised all the potential that is hidden in the use of mobile technologies in companies; I think we have only been scratching the surface. Especially at a trade fair like Connected Germany, we can dig a little deeper, discuss new challenges and team up to create new values.

5G innovation and research & development are huge topics at this year’s Connected Germany. You can hear more from Karin and the rest of our amazing speaker line-up by clicking the link and registering your place.