The rate of change is constantly accelerating. This is evident when you look at the network and realize that in less than a decade we have seen the emergence and domination of smart phones, tablets and a wealth of connected devices. The demand for bandwidth is projected to increase 10x in the next 10 years, and networks must evolve to meet this need. That leads us to the Gigabit network.

Gigabit networks have become more prevalent in the last five years. Communities, both rural and urban, have embraced the vision for Gigabit services, and are using it as a force for change within the communities they serve. Gigabit services connect the citizens of a community and enable growth and prosperity. Areas that were once desolate or dying have found new life through the emergence of Gigabit services. These ultra-highspeed broadband networks are also serving as a catalyst for the future, bringing new jobs, new innovation and new beginnings.

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