Press Release

Altitude Software, a global provider of omnichannel solutions to deliver great customer experiences, and Afiniti, the applied artificial intelligence company that transforms the way humans interact, have formed a new strategic partnership to deliver better customer experiences and optimize business results in Contact Centers.

The partnership will mean that joint customers can activate Afiniti’s Enterprise Behavioral Pairing rapidly and efficiently within their Altitude contact center environment. Altitude’s customer interaction management solutions can now be pre-installed with Afiniti’s artificial intelligence solution, which is used to discover, predict and develop knowledge of patterns of interpersonal behavior to pair customers with agents in contact centers, and to significantly improve contact center performance.

Discussing the partnership, Mário Silva Pereira, Chief Strategy Officer of Altitude, said “Afiniti’s big data technology has a significant impact in contact centers by delivering improved customer experiences, together with increased revenues and decreased costs. Altitude has a track record of successfully addressing the business challenges faced by companies with value-added partnerships and consistent innovation across its portfolio”. The first deployments of Altitude and Afiniti joint solutions are already having significant business impact in financial services companies in Latin America.

First joint solutions have significant impact in companies’ business results

Contact centers can benefit from Altitude’s omnichannel interaction management solutions with state-of-the-art skills based routing and IVR solutions to allocate agents to customers. Afiniti’s technology can further improve customer engagement and loyalty by pairing agents and customers based on behavior and historic interactions. The customer interaction history and data provided by Altitude Solutions are key to providing the richness of data that enables the optimal performance of the Afiniti algorithm.

Discussing the partnership, Afiniti’s CEO Zia Chishti, said “We are excited to be partnering with Altitude Software. Natively integrating our technology with Altitude’s customer interaction solutions will transform the ability of Altitude’s clients to benefit from our AI technology in record time”.

To date, Afiniti has over 150 deployments in major enterprises across a range of sectors, including telecommunications, insurance, financial services, and hospitality. On a daily basis, Afiniti technology pairs more than 400,000 calls. The technology continually learns and improves, analyzing millions of records every day to refine pairings. The company’s chief application today focuses on improving outcomes in contact centers, where the majority of person-to-person interactions currently occur. As enterprises continue to become more digital, Afiniti’s technology will extend far beyond the contact center world, into a diverse range of operations such as political campaigns and social media.

Altitude Software’s direct presence through twelve offices across four continents, combined with a strong partner network ensures that Altitude customers leverage existing technology without disruption across a wide range of situations with a low total cost of ownership. More than 1,100 companies in 80 countries around the world use 300,000 Altitude licenses. Altitude Solutions are focused on increasing business results and customer satisfaction, through a complete, feature-rich omnichannel solution. Features include agent and supervisor web desktop, omnichannel support, outbound and inbound tools including intelligent routing, recording, automated agents, full customization, with TCPA compliance and SSL encryption.