Press Release

Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, signed a contract with Athens International Airport (AIA) for the provision of a total solution for physical security information management of AIA outdoor infrastructures.

Intracom Telecom will deploy its innovative PSIM software integration platform named SISC2, through which AIA will combine modern technologies for threat detection – tracking – classification, threat verification, alarm triggering and identification of security breach events.

Specifically, within the frame of the contract, Intracom Telecom has undertaken the design, supply and installation of ground surveillance radars (GSR), fiber optic intrusion detection sensors, night vision cameras and PSIM software management and integration components, ensuring unhindered interface and integration with existing systems/infrastructure, utilizing its solution for surveillance, collaboration, coordination and administration of diverse physical security events, SISC2.

The new PSIM system will enable AIA with 24-hour real-time intrusion detection monitoring, alarming and notifications, situational awareness, composition of common operational picture, thus strengthening AIA capabilities and to protect its critical infrastructures against man made threats, natural disasters and catastrophes.

Intracom Telecom’s SISC2 is a PSIM comprehensive software solution with advanced command and control capabilities that aggregates, processes, classifies and analyzes information received from several security systems and third party applications to produce meaningful intelligence, controlling them via an intuitive GIS-based user interface. The platform maximizes detection efficiency, operational effectiveness and timely produces situational awareness. It augments and expedites the operators’ decision making process by offering decision support and optimizing operation and back-office and mission plans managing available resources and tasks with approved standardized procedures.