Press Release

BAE Systems, a leading provider of Lawful Intercept (LI) solutions globally for over 35 years, is involved in a number of 5G rollouts and sees a change in planning for compliance. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) need to plan earlier for 5G LI compliance, given the magnitude of updates required and not leave it as an afterthought. BAE Systems just signed a five year deal with a major North America CSP to provide LI capability for its new 5G Stand Alone (SA) network.

LI solutions enable CSPs to share communications data for investigatory purposes, which is vital to law enforcement and national security agencies. Regulated by law, interception data forms a key element in national efforts to monitor threats, detect and deter crimes and investigate and prosecute criminals. Online and connected devices are slated to take a giant leap with 5G, which increases the risk of cybercrime and exploitation of new technology by criminals.

As CSPs evolve their networks towards a 5G Stand Alone (SA) architecture, the compatibility of their LI solution with the latest industry standards has become a critical requirement. Particular attention should be paid to the evolution of the LI architecture, which must change significantly in order to support the 5G SA 3GPP R16 requirements, published in July 2020.

To meet the market demands, BAE Systems continue to invest in the DataBridge product set to ensure that we can offer the right LI capabilities at the right time to our customers. DataBridge 6 is fully compatible with 3GPP R16, which is testament to this forward thinking approach.

Some of the key features of DataBridge 6 include:

Performance: build to meet the most demanding throughput requirements, performing traffic selection on 100Gbps links, while offering single target mediation of up to 10Gbps.

Scalability: DataBridge offers unparalleled versatility, designed to serve global tier 1 CSPs with over 100 million subscribers but flexible enough to suit networks with only a few thousand subscribers

Cloud-native: micro service architecture allows each DataBridge service to be dynamically orchestrated and scaled independently in reaction to changes within the CSP network.

Industry partnerships: A comprehensive library of ready to use Network Function interfaces and strong industry partnerships with the leading 5G Core network function vendors,

Matthew Meacham, Lead Product Manager for Lawful Interception said, “BAE Systems has long been a market leader in the LI space. We proactively work with our customers and standards bodies to understand the implications of evolving standards and continuously invest in our LI portfolio to keep it current. DataBridge 6 provides a cost effective option to CSPs to consolidate and simplify their LI system while complying with ever changing standards. This latest 5G LI deal validates the trust our customers put in our products and our innovation.”

Failure to transform the LI platform in step with the core network carries the risk of CSPs being unable to meet their mandated regulatory requirements, which in some cases can lead to significant fines and even delays in the ability to launch new services in the market. Therefore, CSPs should think ahead and prepare their LI platform to be 5G and future ready.

Click here to download the latest version of DataBridge 6 brochure or for more information on BAE Systems’ regulatory compliance offerings.