Press Release

Blue Planet Networks, a leading Carrier-Grade Internet Connectivity Provider, has appointed Steve Corfe as its CEO to accelerate the growth of its Carrier-Grade Internet offering to the Service Provider community. The appointment marks a new phase of growth for Blue Planet Networks as it enables partners to address growing demand for Internet connectivity to enterprise locations globally.

Prior to joining Blue Planet Networks, Corfe headed the Network Solutions Product Development team at NTT Europe. He led initiatives including the delivery of a European L2 back bone network, the first commercially available Intelligent Hybrid WAN service offered by NTT Communications and its first Internet-based global WAN service for enterprise customers.

“Blue Planet has established itself as a global ISP and an innovator in Carrier-grade Internet. It has shown that high-volume quoting with rapid precision pricing enables carriers to win business and serve more enterprise needs. Our GRID pricing engine gives partners new competitive advantages when connecting enterprise locally across the globe,” said Steve Corfe, CEO at Blue Planet Networks. “I’m excited about bringing these capabilities to more carriers globally, and building on our successes in serving Tier 1 carriers in North America and Europe.”

The GRID gives Service Providers access to local pricing for connectivity to more than 1,000 partners in 216+ countries. It delivers high-volume quoting with rapid precision pricing to global destinations with over 95% accuracy. The GRID enables Blue Planet Networks to deliver pricing for hundreds of sites in minutes that directly supports its partners’ sales processes.

“In 2018, we built out our capabilities, added new partners, fine-tuned the GRID and really set up our business for long-term growth. Steve’s appointment will push our business to new places and enable more service providers to benefit from the GRID. He has a track record of developing and delivering products that transform businesses and create new value for partners and users. It is an amazing time to be at Blue Planet and we are confident we have a rock-solid foundation to accelerate innovation,” Steve Taylor, CTO at Blue Planet Networks.

About Blue Planet Networks

Blue Planet Networks is a Carrier-Grade Internet Connectivity provider, focused on accelerating how its partners serve new enterprise demand for Internet globally. Its GRID pricing engine enables its partners to benefit from high-volume precision pricing delivered at speed. The GRID offers rapid access to pricing intelligence from more than 1,000 Service Providers globally in 216+ countries. The GRID combined with world-class execution, enables partners to see an opportunity and take immediate action to win new business. Its hands-on approach means pricing is both fast and accurate with a Sales Assist model that enables partners to efficiently price and deploy Internet Connectivity on a global scale.

Blue Planet Networks is Your Global ISP.