Opensignal has ranked the UK’s top 15 cities for 4G connectivity

Bristol has been revealed as the fastest city in the UK for average 4G download speeds, according to a new industry report. 

Opensignal ranked the UK’s top 15 cities according to the average speeds of their 4G networks. 

Bristol topped the charts with an average download speed of 28.2Mbps, narrowly beating its regional rival Cardiff, which averaged 28.0Mbps. 

Birmingham and Liverpool also performed well, clocking speeds of 27.4Mbps and 27.3Mbps respectively. 

In terms of upload speeds, Glasgow topped the charts with an average upload speed of 10.3Mbps. 

The UK’s capital, London, ranked in the middle of the listing, averaging an upload speed of 24.9Mbps and an upload speed of 9.1Mbps.  

The UK averaged download speeds of 22.5Mbps across its 4G networks, The UK’s overall score lagged behind a number of its European neighbours, as Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Greece all had faster 4G download speeds.


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