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Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL), the market leader in licensed point-to-multipoint (PMP) millimetre wave, has today announced that ProRail, the Netherland’s national railway infrastructure operator, has deployed its 26GHz VectaStar solution to provide wireless backhaul for a new CCTV system at major railway stations.

ProRail has initially deployed VectaStar across 15 railway stations, providing an innovative carrier-grade network to deliver the organisation’s high definition security and surveillance system. CBNL delivered the project in partnership with VCS Observation, a leading provider of integrated security systems, who provided network deployment and integration services.

So far, ProRail has connected over 200 CCTV cameras using the VectaStar network, which are sited at both inside and outside locations across major railway stations in the country, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven.

By utilizing CBNL’s PMP millimetre wave technology, ProRail has been able to deploy a carrier-grade network that delivers a highly stable and secure service at up to 50% of the cost compared to legacy point-to-point or fibre technology. Furthermore, the fact a single VectaStar access point radio can connect up to 63 CCTV cameras has enabled ProRail to deploy the network in a vastly reduced time compared to alternative technology and with minimal disruption to station buildings.

Lionel Chmilewsky, CEO at CBNL, commented:

“By using VectaStar’s highly efficient architecture, we’ve been able to leverage the significant benefits of licensed spectrum and prove the huge value millimetre wave is bringing to the surveillance and smart city sectors.

“ProRail is benefiting from a VectaStar network that offers sub-millisecond latency, up to 600Mbps capacity and dedicated bandwidth for a highly secure service. The fact these advantages can be delivered at a fraction of the cost compared to alternative technologies is causing more and more network operators to deploy the technology – a trend we expect to grow significantly over the coming years.”

Wim van Deijzen, owner and CEO of VCS Observation, added:

“This project represents a landmark for the design and deployment of security networks. By utilising PMP technology and 26GHz spectrum, we’ve been able to offer an unprecedented level of efficiency and performance. We’re delighted with how streamlined the deployment has been and the exceptionally high levels of service VectaStar is providing. It’s a great example of harnessing the latest wireless technology to solve a range of security and surveillance challenges.”

This latest project adds to CBNL’s global footprint, with VectaStar now deployed in over 50 countries for mobile backhaul, fixed wireless access and smart city networks, including for nine of the world’s top fifteen largest network operators.

About Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL):

Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL) is the market leader in millimetre wave Fixed Wireless Access solutions. CBNL has led the industry through its early commercialization of 5G spectrum, deploying over 25 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) networks in the U.S. alone (utilizing 28GHz – 39GHz). In total, the company has built networks for over 100 service providers in more than 50 countries, including for nine of the world’s largest top fifteen mobile carriers. In addition to FWA, CBNL has deployed wide-scale backhaul, surveillance and smart city networks to meet a diverse range of demands in the developing and developed world. CBNL’s R&D labs are now leveraging their unique capabilities to develop the next generation of ultra-efficient PMP millimetre wave solutions and continuing to deliver up to 50% cost savings over fibre and legacy wireless technology. For more details visit:

About VCS Observation:

Established in 1992, VCS Observation is the market leader in The Netherlands in public camera systems and Video Content Analysis controlled by software. The organization has a broad customer portfolio, including municipalities (such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Maastricht) and public service providers (such as Rijksmuseum, ProRail, NS and several transportation companies). The last few years, VCS Observation has mainly been active as tech innovators, with Smart City solutions for public security and livability. For more information, visit