China commercially launched 5G services on the 3rd November 2019

China has entered the race for 6G – just days after it kicked off its own 5G commercial launch.

The country’s Science and Technology Daily, published by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, stated that it had commissioned a team of research scientists to investigate the potential of the next generation of mobile connectivity.

China’s decision to be among the first to begin researching 6G highlights the importance of next generation connectivity to the country’s digital economy and signals China’s determination to be among the forerunners of next generation connectivity for years to come.

China’s big three mobile network operators participated in the commercial launch of 5G services earlier this week, as the country embarks upon the world’s most ambitious mobile network rollout programme. China Telecom alone has plans to launch 5G in 40 towns and cities across the country in 2020.

In June this year, Korean tech giant, Samsung, announced that it was launching a 6G research and development programme at its flagship facility in Seoul.

At this stage, no 6G standards exist, but companies and governments are already beginning work on the initial research that will inform its 6G development programme.

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