Press Release

Coriant today announced significant advances to its Hyperscale Carrier Architecture (HCA), an open, agile, automated, and software-driven approach to networking and service innovation. Aligned to open networking industry initiatives including CORD and optimized for Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC), the Coriant HCA provides greater than 50% cost savings over traditional solutions. When combined with Coriant’s Multi-Sided Platform innovations, the Coriant HCA provides an ideal environment for a wide variety of open ecosystem solutions including seamless 5G, revenue-generating IoT, super high-speed cloud, flexible packet DCI, and the Industrial Internet.

The open networking concepts at the core of the Coriant Hyperscale Carrier Architecture enable customers to select from an ecosystem of best-in-class hardware and software solutions to achieve their network, service, and business objectives while simultaneously increasing the speed of hardware, software, and service innovation. These solutions are designed with open interfaces that facilitate integration into SDN control and orchestration ecosystems, enabling rapid deployment, automation, and ease of operations of networks and services comprised of disaggregated components.

“In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive services market, network operators need to evolve their multi-layer infrastructure networks to maximize the value of faster innovation cycles in hardware and software components and best-in-class functions and solutions,” said Uwe Fischer, Executive Vice President, R&D and PLM, and CTO, Coriant. “One of the key challenges that operators face is the limitations imposed by proprietary approaches that result in vendor lock-in, especially in the IP routing domain. Our Hyperscale Carrier Architecture breaks that stranglehold and accelerates new service deployment by leveraging an open hardware and software ecosystem that unlocks the barriers to seamless automation and the virtualization of network functions across network layers.”

Coriant to Showcase New Solutions at Mobile World Congress 2018

Coriant will showcase the latest advances in its open networking Hyperscale Carrier Architecture at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona (February 26 – March 1), including:

• Coriant Transcend™ Software Enhancements – Coriant announces two significant additions to the comprehensive Coriant Transcend™ Network Control and Orchestration Software Suite. The first is the addition of an NFV MANO. Developed using the Aricent MANO framework, the Coriant Transcend™ NFV MANO solution is a key component for managing Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) in the highly distributed compute environment enabled by the Coriant HCA. Coriant also announces the introduction of an advanced Virtual POD Controller (vPC). The vPC provides a significant leap forward in enabling network operators to seamlessly scale disaggregated solutions providing effective end-to-end network control including service stitching.
• Coriant IP/MPLS Network Operating System (C-NOS) – Leveraging 20 years of IP networking experience, Coriant releases an open, disaggregated approach to packet-based networking. The introduction of a true carrier-grade NOS provides network operators with the ability to break the vendor lock-in of traditional IP/MPLS solutions, unleashing rapid innovation cycles and access to best-in-class functional blocks that deliver significant improvements in network costs and flexibility. The Coriant NOS is designed to operate on industry-standard COTS whiteboxes as well as application-optimized carrier-grade whiteboxes such as the new Coriant Vibe™ series.
• Coriant Vibe™ Series of Programmable Packet Platforms – extending Coriant’s leadership in scalable, ultra-dense, and ultra-power-efficient disaggregated networking platforms, the new Coriant Vibe™ series of application-optimized, carrier-class whiteboxes boasts important networking features such as hardware acceleration, advanced timing capabilities to enable a variety of MEC services and applications, and support for seamless horizontal scalability. The Coriant Vibe™ series can provide the foundation for a disaggregated open networking solution or can be added to a COTS whitebox-based disaggregated networking solution to enable/enhance specific network applications.
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