The Balong 5G01 will offer download speeds of 2.3Gbps – significantly more than those currently available on 4G networks

Huawei has unveiled its first 5G chip set, which will allow mobile devices to access 5G speeds. The Huawei Balong 5G01 is the world’s first commercialised 5G modem, allowing users to attain download speeds of around 2.3Gbps. 

"Our main focus in this industry is our emphasis on innovation, our 5G chip sets and our 5G networks," said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group. 

"This is the world’s first commercialised 3GPP, 5G chipset… We are currently working with the top 30 carriers across the world to conduct 5G commercial trials and this year we will aim for a full commercial launch," he added. 

The chip set can enable low latency of just 0.33 milliseconds and utilises the sub6GHz and mmWAVE multi frequency. 

By releasing its own chip set, Huawei will have a greater degree of control over the performance and specification of its devices. 

"5G technology will underpin the next leap forward for our intelligent world, where people, vehicles, homes and devices are fully connected, delivering new experiences, insights and capabilities,” said Yu. 

“Since 2009, Huawei has invested US$600 million in research and development into 5G technologies, where we have led the way with innovations around network architecture, spectrum usage, field verification and more. From connected vehicles and smart homes to AR/VR and hologram videos, we are committed to developing a mature 5G ecosystem so that consumers can benefit from a truly connected world that transforms the way we communicate and share.”