Cyber Safe Award


Managed Security Services

The breadth of Singtel’s managed security portfolio coupled with the revenues it generates and the customer satisfaction achieved convinced the judging panel that the Singaporean operator should take home the Cyber Safe Award. In addition to basic security services, Singtel’s managed security offering uses global intelligence, local data residency and automation and orchestration to provide end-to-end expertise from management to mitigation capabilities within information and operations technology environments.

The growing need to mitigate attacks on critical information infrastructure and the increasing demand for real-time, 24/7 security services across different markets and industries inspired Singtel’s 2015 acquisition of managed security specialist Trustwave. It has built on the acquisition to create a comprehensive suite of managed security solutions tailored to meet the changing needs of enterprise customers.

"Singtel tells a convincing story. It has an impressive security services portfolio with significant revenue streams and shows clear regional ambitions and excellent product testimonials."

"Singtel’s strategic investment in managed security capability seems to be a savvy play. It has helped redefine the company’s positioning in the managed security arena."

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