DT said that it was open to the possibility of sharing its network infrastructure with its competitors to increase coverage across the country

Germany’s biggest mobile network operator, Deutsche Telekom, has set out its plans for the future, promising to provide 5G coverage to 99 per cent of the German population by 2025.

In an 8 point pledge for the future of Germany’s connectivity landscape, DT also said that it would cover 90% of Germany’s land mass by 2025.

The company said that it currently has over 100,000 employees in Germany, and 200,000 across the rest of Europe, working to make this vision a reality.

"We want the best-performing digital infrastructure for Germany. We want to achieve this objective together with the companies that are willing to invest, and with the responsible politicians. We want to speed up digitalisation in Germany: In cooperation with the public sector by digitalizing administration," said Stephan Broszio, a spokesperson for Deutsche Telekom in an online blog post.

Deutsche Telekom said that collaboration would be crucial to achieving these aims and said that it would be looking to form partnerships with other operators to improve coverage, particularly in rural areas.

"We want to share the infrastructure needed for 5G with other network operators, particularly in rural areas. Therefore, we are opening up our fiber-optic network to other providers. Just how we recently agreed with Telefónica/O2," Broszio said.

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