Press Release

With the recent release of KeyScaler 5.8, Device Authority, a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT) announced its support for Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, which automates and secures the enrolment process by enabling organizations to register and provision their devices, and connect to Azure IoT Hub.

KeyScaler’s Delegated Security Management (DSM) model provides device provisioning with continued device lifecycle credential management for Azure IoT Hub. Devices authenticate to KeyScaler and receive Shared Access Signature (SAS) tokens that authorize them to connect to Azure IoT Hub. This provides automated IoT security management, centralized IoT credential management, and reduced risk and improved efficiencies for customers.

Using the KeyScaler and Azure IoT Hub, customers can take advantage of automated Enterprise IoT security lifecycle management. KeyScaler provides automated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate provisioning from both public and private certificate authorities, and integrates with Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to ensure a robust root of trust and maximum amount of security for key storage. KeyScaler adds further value by allowing enterprises to automate security policy enforcement thereby eliminating many of the management issues of using PKI for IoT while adding the benefits of both the functionality and audit and logging for compliance purposes. KeyScaler works with Azure IoT Hub to help ensure seamless delivery of SAS tokens.

“Device Authority frequently receives requests from customers to provide an integration between KeyScaler and Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub. With KeyScaler 5.8 this is now provided out of the box and can be easily evaluated through our online evaluation portal. It’s an exciting time to work with Microsoft to enhance the value of IoT,” said James Penney, Director of Product Management at Device Authority.

Sam George, Director of IoT at Microsoft Azure said, “We’re proud to work with Device Authority on their digital transformation journey. The KeyScaler IoT IAM platform, integrated with the trusted and global-scale Microsoft Azure IoT platform, will help customers through enhanced operational efficiency, enterprise grade security and increased time-to-value.”