Press Release

In today’s digitally transformative environment, it is extremely important for businesses to maintain existing phone numbers to ensure a positive customer experience coupled with smooth business operations. DIDWW, an Irish-based telecom operator providing global two-way SIP trunking services, has expanded its number porting coverage to deliver these innovative VoIP services to more countries around the world. Now any small business, enterprise or even telco operators can port their numbers in Norway, Poland and Australia to the DIDWW network and leverage a multitude of cutting-edge cloud telephony solutions offered by the company.

By using the DIDWW SIP trunking service, customers gain instant access to a huge selection of local, national and toll-free virtual numbers, and can leverage cloud-based VoIP solutions with two-way voice and SMS-enabled DIDs in more than 80 countries. The company provides businesses with a powerful and cost-efficient cloud call management platform and enables customers to be very flexible with how they set up their call flows. DIDWW is also active in assisting other telecom operators to scale up their services, enter into new territories and expand their existing markets.

DIDWW’s carrier-grade platform enables businesses and telecommunication service providers to manage the entire porting process online. Both single and bulk number transfers can be easily maintained via their online portal. In addition, DIDWW ensures that no live business operations are disrupted throughout the process, resulting in a smooth and efficient transfer of the phone number to the DIDWW network. This telecom operator provides carriers and enterprises around the world with innovative VoIP solutions that include free porting services in 39 countries, with full regulatory compliance.

Joana Kaspariene, Porting Department Manager at DIDWW, said, “We are constantly expanding our porting coverage and are proud of our versatile platform, which enables any business or telecom operator to easily move numbers to DIDWW. Our porting-in service is free of charge and the process is extremely simple.”