Press Release

DIDWW, the platform for telecommunication professionals, has offered a wide range of voice and SMS services via an innovative, user-friendly self-service portal since 2004. With customer-centricity in mind, the company strives to provide effective and fully-customizable tools to fit any customer size and use-case. Process speed and automation have always been a high priority, and now the company has announced plans to fully replicate their platform’s functionality via a powerful API.

Targeted towards telecom operators, the current API allows these providers to perform an extensive range of actions, helping them to automate and expand their service portfolio even further. The DIDWW API enables a wide range of functions, such as ordering and configuring phone numbers across the globe, configuring voice capacity limits, creating SIP trunks, retrieving call data records and other account management functions. DIDWW has now announced their roadmap for further API enhancement with upcoming functionality such as phone number porting and related compliant end-user data management, the configuration of two-way SIP trunks, and full SMS and emergency service provisioning. As per the company’s official announcement, the new API functionality is scheduled to be released in Q1, 2021.

Marius Martinkus, the Technical Operations Manager at DIDWW added, “We understand the challenges that many telecom companies face. Our mission has always been to provide customers with reliable solutions to help them take their company forward, and the DIDWW API has been specifically designed to fully automate processes and allow full integration of our range of building blocks into their service portfolio.”