Press Release

Today at ANGA COM in Cologne, Germany, Emtelle, HellermannTyton & Senko Advanced Components revealed the fruits of a collaborative project and launched a brand-new solution into the Fibre-to-the-X (FTTX) market. Unveiled at the Emtelle booth on the first day of the exhibition, the three leading companies explained the collaboration and the benefits of FibreTap, the ultimate plug and play ruggedised drop solution.

FibreTap is a pre-connectorised plug and play solution designed for overhead and underground use. It is a non-splice solution which improves speed of installation and saves time at the customer drop through its plug and play connection method. At the launch, it was revealed that the project has been under wraps while the companies worked on designing and testing the solution to ensure it offers maximum benefit to operators worldwide.

Emtelle, a blown fibre, cabling and ducted network solution manufacturer, has provided the pre-connectorised 5/2mm and 6/3.2mm universal drop cable with 2-8 G657A2 fibres pre-installed. HellermannTyton, a manufacturer of fibre splice closure and cable management solutions, has provided a specially designed Optical Network Terminator (ONT) closure, as well as a new IP68 rated fibre plug and play adapter block for pole or chamber installations. Finally, Senko, a manufacturer of optical interconnect solutions, has provided an LC blown fibre type connector, a mechanical splice alternative solution for the ONT, as well as a bespoke version of its compact IP connector for plug and play solutions. Together the contributions from the three partners create a flexible and user-friendly solution – FibreTap, the ultimate plug and play ruggedised drop solution.

With an increase in demand for fibre worldwide and to cope with the ever-increasing need for broadband speeds as the online world grows, there comes the need to provide operators with solutions that are easy-to-install, reliable, and futureproof. FibreTap offers exactly that. With its pre-connectorisation, FibreTap requires minimal training to install whilst giving maximum opportunity for high quality fibre connections. The ruggedised design of the FibreTap solution from the cable to the connector and beyond to the closure, ensures optimum protection of the cable and connection, ensuring – as online bandwidth requirements multiply – that the solution remains consistent in maintaining the high quality, fast and future-proof connection.

Matthew Hunter, Managing Director at HellermannTyton, reiterated the importance of the strong partnership, saying: “It made logical sense to partner with Emtelle and Senko to create such a solution, due to our long-standing relationships and 180+ years’ experience between us. To pre-connectorise our well-renowned closures to Emtelle’s quality cable with Senko’s ruggedised connector, makes a complete solution that helps installers worldwide on making fibre installations quicker, easier and more effective.”

Chief Executive Officer at Emtelle Tony Rodgers said: “Working together, combining our experience and our manufacturing and testing facilities, has allowed us to maximise our design and testing efforts to ensure our new ruggedised drop solution really is ‘plug and play’. All components of this solution have been tested to withstand extreme conditions and designed specifically to answer operator needs worldwide.”

“It’s been great to combine three world leaders in their own right that have three individually great components into one exceptional solution for the FTTX market,” added Miguel Miyamoto, General manager at Senko Euro. “We’re truly excited to see this solution growing to become the go-to solution for operators worldwide.”

The FibreTap solution will be showcased at ANGA COM in Cologne, Germany this week at Emtelle booth (Hall 7, Stand A11), Senko (Hall 7, Stand B51) and the HellermannTyton booth (Hall 7, Stand G68) – where representatives of all three partners will be present.